Bell bridal white and gold lace earrings.
Bell bridal white and gold lace earrings on model.

Bell Bridal Dual-Toned Earrings

Whether you are looking for the 'something new' for your special day, or you just love the colour white as much as we do, our Bridal collection is the perfect match. Like all Laura8 pieces, the Bell earrings are handcrafted. The base is made from natural silk, which is then embellished with sewn on elements. Each element is individually covered by hand with lace. The result is a spectacular, lightweight accessory that will complement and complete any outfit.

Our Bell earrings can be ordered with either pin, clips, or silver pin fastening. Please consult the Size Chart below for sizing information.

Pictured size: M

  • S: 5 cm; 4 g | M: 9 cm; 9 g

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  • Handcrafted with love

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Crafting emotions

All Laura8 items are unique. Our products are handmade in Bucharest, Romania using the finest materials, craftsmanship and a lot of care. Every step of the production is made by hand, which can result in small differences between items.